Sticks+Stones Apothecary

Sticks+Stones Apothecary

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Clean. Simple. Effective. A powerhouse of pure &?organic oils carefully selected to deliver maximum results, NATURALLY!  Always handcrafted, individually for you.  

~ The Hair Tonic ~ Formulated to stimulate growth by creating the healthiest environment for your hair & scalp.  When using the tonic, you’re delivering vital nutrients to the scalp which strengthens the follicles, regulates sebum production & stimulates blood flow.  This will result in longer, fuller hair & a reduction in hair loss.  

~ Lash Serum & Brow Serum ~ This powerful lash serum creates the perfect environment for the optimum lash growth.  By combining the serum with a mascara wand applicator you’re stimulating growth at the base while conditioning & strengthening your existing lashes.  

 ~ Wake Up! Coffee Eye Serum ~ Wake up with this powerful blend of oils specially formulated to invigorate you, combat signs of aging and fight against the effects of oxidative stress.  This serum will reduce puffiness, brighten the under eye area, stimulate blood flow & deliver a hefty dose of hydration.