Tiny Bottles Of Happiness

Emotions & Feelings, All Of That "Inside Stuff"

Emotions and feelings, all of that “inside stuff”, impacts our outward appearance. So much more than we like to admit. What we feel inside most definitely shows on the outside. When we feel good, happy, confident, stress-free (okay, okay, “less stressed’) it shows. It shows in our face, our eyes, our posture and body language.

Think of it this way: Thoughts become emotions. Emotions become feelings. Feelings culminate into our emotional reaction/attitude. Our reactions yield our lifestyle.

Taking it a step further - emotions are temporary; however, feelings that result from emotions often persist and grow.

Plant Juice

That’s where we are going to focus: how do we help to ensure that positive feelings grow and persist as a result of our emotions? What can help us with this goal? Let’s face it - life is not always sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes we have to make a conscious choice on HOW we are going to handle the emotions that come our way. How can we, in turn, help cultivate positive feelings?

Two years ago I discovered that tiny bottles of plant juice (essential oils) might just be the key. I was pregnant with my 4th baby and was looking to start removing chemicals out of our home. I was feeling overwhelmed by life and emotions. I’m generally a “glass 90% full” type of person and when I felt that slipping away I knew something had to change. I looked to these tiny bottles for help. I had NO idea how much of a difference they would actually make.

Where To Get Started

Stress away and copaiba are oils that I started to use because they came in my Young Living wellness kit. Stress away is a blend that contains copaiba, lime, lavender, and vanilla, among other oils. The blend contains very powerful molecules known as terpenes that help with mood (emotions), mental clarity, calming, and combating occasional nervous tension. I started by placing one drop on the inside of my wrist. When I realized this was really helping to improve my mood, helping me talk more kindly to myself and my kids, I was SOLD! We also diffuse this in our home for emotional support and even sleep support. I made a roller so I could take it with me wherever I go. I keep a stress away roller on my desk and in my car at all times (because driving with 4 kids is not always easy.) You might even see me smelling this stuff right out of the bottle in a moment of chaos. Like before heading off to a work meeting or shuffling the kids to their various activities.

Here’s the bottom line: the sense of smell is the only sense that activates the limbic system (the “emotional brain”). This is why aromatherapy has been successful for so many years. It’s important to take care of, and support, our emotional health. Our best, most beautiful and uplifting self starts on the inside.

Let's Make A Roller!


  • Stress Away essential oil (included in Young Living wellness kit*)
  • Copiaiba essential oil (included in Young Living wellness kit*)
  • Carrier oil (I prefer grapeseed oil - I grab a big bottle from Aldi for under $10. This bottle lasts for a LONG time.)


  1. Place 5 drops of Stress Away into roller bottle
  2. Place 5 drops of Copiaiba into roller bottle
  3. Fill with carrier oil
  4. Place roller top and lid on
  5. Label
  6. Immediately apply to your wrists and/or back of neck. Take a deep breath. Smile.

I can’t wait to share more with you about essential oils. I’m always here to discuss your questions, comments, tell you a joke, or help figure out the right wellness path so you can be the best YOU inside and out! Contact me to grab your Young Living wellness kit and get a WhiteTree-exclusive offer.

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Meet The Author

Andrea Dixon

Wife and mother to four beautiful children. Lover of coffee, exercise and wellness. Passionately helping others live physically and emotionally healthy lives.

Disclaimer: Essential oils have become much more “mainstream” than ever before. You see them everywhere. It is important to consider safety, efficacy, and product integrity. Not all essential oils are created equally. Young Living’s seed-to-seal [insert hyperlink:] promise is what sold me on this company and its safety in our home.

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