10 Free or Affordable Date Night Ideas

Date Your Man

Whether you have been married for 20 years or just started dating, quality time is crucial for keeping that connection alive. Quality time can come in many forms. One of my favorite forms is dating! My husband and I have been married 7 years. And one of our favorite things to do, is date each other. Intentionally pursue and cut out time from our busy lives to focus on us and our relationship.

We have three kids. Which can sometimes mean that the majority of our important conversations have to be saved for a time where we can give each other our undivided attention. And that is fine! But if time together is not intentionally cut out, then those heart connecting, life altering conversations may not take place.

In this post, I want to get you excited to date your man! It can fun, exciting, spontaneous and fulfilling! Just follow these rules and experience some new and inexpensive date ideas.

The Rules

This may sound silly but if we aren't intentional, we can be on a date completely in our own head. Not connecting with the person in front of us. Which is by the way, the point of being on a date in the first place. I am guilty of this. I just left the house a mess, laundry needs done, we just ran out of toilet paper, my kid has an appointment tomorrow and the todo list is forming in my head. I am completely lost in what I need to do when I leave. Instead of focusing on the amazing man right in front of me. Create healthy boundaries and rules to love and honor each other.

  • Put screens away- yes I understand that babysitters may text you. That is fine, but keep the phone in your pocket and only read notifications if they are from the sitter. Ask to not be seated by a tv. If there are too many tvs, then maybe change where you have your dates. Somewhere more quiet and intimate.
  • Take down those walls- start each date with clearing the air. Maybe on the car ride there. Apologize/forgive if need be. Hold no grudges or past offenses against each other. No one wants to be on a date frustrated with one another
  • Be intentional- be genuinely interested in what is going on with them. Whether they're telling stories from work or sharing their thoughts. Make eye contact. Encourage and affirm them. Give your spouse a chance to share their feelings.
  • Dream together- this is my favorite! Dream about traveling out of the country or saving up to buy a home!
  • Take turns planning- go back and forth planning dates!


10 Free or Inexpensive Date Ideas

About 9 months ago, God asked my husband and I to leave our jobs and go into full time ministry. We said ok God, and took the leap! Our budget also took a leap! And not up, if you know what I mean. What we used to set aside for dates slowly started to diminish, while other things took more precedence. But listen, that dating part of our relationship still needed to continue. It was still just as important! So we had to get creative on how to keep that spark a flame. We’ve come up with some free or inexpensive dates.

  1. Go on a hike/walk
  2. Movie night in (put the kids to bed, get a red box or library movie)
  3. Master Chef (try a new recipe and cook it together)
  4. Pack a Picnic (or if it is too cold, have it in your living room)
  5. Go to a bookstore
  6. Volunteer Together (soup kitchen, animal shelter)
  7. Check Groupon
  8. Free Bees (museums, workout classes, check you're town's website)
  9. Thrift store stroll
  10. Lunch date (have a restaurant you wanna try, check out their less expensive lunch menu)

I am excited for you to try some of these ideas! Let me know of some ideas of your own! Comment below and share some of your favorite date nights!

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