Honey, You're Doing Just Fine

About a year ago I was pregnant with my third boy. I was a full time preschool teacher, full time mommy/ incubator and full time wife. I spent most of the days at school teaching twelve preschoolers, then to come home and take care of my family. Dinner, dishes, diapers, laundry, you know the drill. My days felt like they almost blurred together. Like being in a flog. I found myself not looking ahead, but really just surviving from moment to moment.

Have you ever felt like this? Like you are being pulled in so many directions. That you are being stretched too thin, so thin that you are about to break? So many obligations fogging your brain, it makes you want to hide in the corner.

Checkout Catastrophe

Well that is exactly how I was feeling this in particular day. I had just finished a draining day with my preschoolers. I was nauseous ( Morning sickness) and exhausted. Just to come home and realize that we needed groceries. If you know me, you know that oddly enough I enjoy grocery shopping. I get excited to try new recipes and take an interest in reading labels. Pretty nerdy right? Anyway, that was NOT the case today. I wanted to get in and out as fast as possible. But my pantry was empty and I needed EVERYTHING.

So there I went, stumbling through the store. Trying to keep my two toddlers happy and entertained. Praying that something edible would come from these ingredients I threw in the cart. And finally, with a sigh of relief. My cart was full, I am done. Check out time.

My baby belly and I cautiously bent over the cart and began loading the contents on the conveyor belt. I noticed a woman behind me, with only a few items in her hands. She became impatient with how long i was taking. Feeling a little self conscious i apologized and began loading my items faster. Another few seconds went by but apparently i wasn't going fast enough. Because she stomped her foot and said “ this is ridiculous!” In shock i turned around, apologized and offered for her to go in front of me. In a very sarcastic tone she said “oh no, you just take your time i don't have anywhere to be.” She rolled her eyes.

The Breakdown  

Embarrassed, I turned away. Feeling like i was on the spot and being watched. I could feel my face turn beat red. I began to sweat and tears filled my eyes. Feeling so defeated and overwhelmed. I had a million thoughts but no words for this unkind woman. The cashier rang me out, and as quick as my pregnant body could move, I raced to my car. My oldest son Leland, not understanding what had just happened asked “mommy why are you sad?” I couldn't even answer him.

Holding back tears i thought to myself, “I just needed to hold it together until i got to my car. Once there, then I would allow myself to breakdown.” But, I didn't make it. I was stopped by a sweet elderly woman. She placed her hand on my arm and uttered these five words. “Honey, you’re doing just fine.” So much for not breaking down in public.

I began to cry and she continued to speak to my heart. “I was watching you in the store, you looked tired but more than anything i saw your strength. I saw how you patiently and lovingly interacted with your boys. You are a great mom! Honey you’re doing just fine.” She then continued to tell me a little about herself as a young mom. Raising 4 kids on her own, one of them with a disability. And yet she still had a beautiful smile on her face.

Wow talk about super mom! Suddenly my problems and insecurities looked so small and started to diminish. God used this woman to minister to my heart, right there in the Aldi parking lot. All my feelings of anger and defeat left. I was flooded with peace.

Mommas, You're Doing Just Fine

Mommas, like my grocery cart, our lives are filled to the brim. Jammed packed of obligations, schedules and responsibilities. Some of them we know to handle, some of them we don't. Some of them healthy and maybe some aren't. Like those Oreo's I snuck in my cart that I just couldn't resist. But here’s the thing, it took this kind elderly woman to change my perspective.

The posture of my heart needed to shift. I had to stop feeling like woe is me, sorry for myself. In order to let God bring joy and peace to my soul. You see, the enemy wants us moms to feel run down, like we aren't enough. Defeated, like we cant handle it all. Stressed to the point where we loose our joy of motherhood. But honey, you’re doing just fine. Greater is he who is in you, then he who is in the world. (1 John 4:4)

  • So you can't get your kids to eat vegetables- honey you’re doing just fine!
  • So you’re kid has a fear of pooping in the toilet-honey you’re doing just fine!
  • So the kiddos had a little too much screen time today- honey you’re doing just fine!
  • So you’re house is messy more than it is clean-honey you’re doing just fine!
  • So you're having fish sticks as your gourmet dinner- honey you're doing just fine

By the way these are all real examples from my life!! But guess what guys, I am doing just fine! My children are amazing and I am a great mom! I may feel down, but I am not defeated. I may feel tired and weak but I am enough! Start believing this about yourself as well, because it is TRUE! Mommas you are doing just fine!

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Shelby Slaughter

Full time wife & momma, part time missionary. Raising her three boys in Los Angeles, CA. Equipping moms to parent without fear, and helping woman feel altogether beautiful.

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  • Shelby…..you made me cry. All my babies have babies of their own, but many memories came flooding back as I read your beautiful blog. Thank you for sharing your heart and experiences with us! Love you 💖

    Sandra Fisher

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