What Shouldn't Be Found In Your Skin Care

Ladies and Mommas! Are you overwhelmed by all the options of skincare and now all the talk of oils and essential oils?! Are you tired of having real needs for your skin and investing in products that don’t give you the lasting results you want?! Well I am excited to share with you about lala’s Essentials skincare, as well as some ingredients that should never be in your skincare!

Self Love Is Self Care

Self love is self care, and girl you deserve it! It breaks my heart and makes me pretty upset how the beauty industry preys on our hearts’ natural longing for beauty. They pump the products full of chemicals that in the long run hurt us! It is so extremely important to know not only know what is in your products, but also the affects it could be having on your body. Please please please!!! Read your ingredient labels, know what should not be found in your skin care!!

  1. Parabens - (only if they are naturally occurring are they ok, like the ones found in LUSH products) Ok I’m gonna get a little sciencey here so hang tight - through research, parabens that are not natural and are added can actually (over long term use) cause cancer! When researchers broke down what makes up a cancer cell, they found parabens!!! (BONUS** your skin is your largest organ, and whatever you put on your skin gets absorbed directly into your bloodstream!) Why do so many women have breast cancer and other types or cancer?! They are basically rubbing it all over themselves while the beauty industry sits back and gets rich! This ingredient gets me so upset and they’ve tried to keep it quiet! But the news is out! That’s why you see more commonly on labels “paraben free” because people are finding out, so please if you or a loved one doesn’t know please take note! (As you can tell I’m super passionate about this one!) Just say NO to parabens!
  2. Sodium lauryl sulfates - (aka SLS) are NOT your friend! These are more common in your soaps and shampoos to give you the bubbles - however the suds we have grown up with and love so dearly are NOT actually needed to make us clean. (please hear me, though bubbles aren’t bad but make sure to check where they’re coming from because not all bubbles are created equal!) They are a detergent that can leave your skin and hair stripped of its moisture.
  3. Water - if you are looking for a moisturizer, this should not be one of the top ingredients, because water evaporates and will essentially dry out your skin
  4. Alcohol - for sure major No-No when it comes to the moisture game. Alcohol will dry you out immediately because it also evaporates! For someone with dry skin this one gets me good when I see it in the top 5 ingredients! You’re literally just putting lotion on for giggles and I guess the sort term the smell, other than that there’s no real purpose.
  5. Knowing how to read your ingredients label - ok so just in case you didn’t know (I didn’t at first, thank you Auntie Steph!) ingredients are listed from the “most to least” order. Meaning that your first ingredients are going to be the majority of the product and then working your way down to what has the least amount. (So if you have a FAVORITE product and water or whatever is towards the very bottom of the list, then ok! (It’s not awful and if your don’t have problems then go head, you do you boo!) Meaning, you might be excited about what the front of the package says like “made with real blah blah extract” but then you look at the back and it’s like at the very bottom of the list, that’s joke girl. But they can advertise and make you think like you’re getting a whole bunch of it because it is technically an ingredient. Don’t be fooled ladies! Products are not made equal and you really do pay for what you get!

lala's Essentials

If you haven’t guessed already I’m lala, and I am the founder and creator of lala’s Essentials. I first began in 2015 because of my own painful battle with eczema. I had an essential NEED for a moisturizer that would not only immediately work, but also last all day. Not just last all day but truly heal my skin! Growing up with my mom and aunties, the importance of natural, holistic lifestyle was instilled in me. They used herbs and essential oils for everything they could think of. As I grew older, I began to see and understand that most of the products we as women consume, are actually not good for us! Or anyone for that matter. I knew this was an invitation to do something about it! I wanted to create a product with ingredients that I could read and understand. No crazy chemicals, just the elements of nature doing what they do, naturally.

Ok so let me get a little vulnerable with you lovelies! Back when I was a little girl I had horrible eczema! My mom took me in to be tested for what felt like every possible allergy in the world! But what were the results, nothing! I was allergic to nothing! I was being made fun of and loosing pigmentation in parts of my skin, but there to be “nothing” wrong with me! I was in pain and itchy. I would hide my one arm that was loosing pigmentation behind my back with no hope of it ever going away. Finally my mom who despised harsh medicines or steroids, gave in and we got the creams that finally made it go away. It worked and my skin color came back. But I would still have flare ups every now and then. I had to continue using that awful prescribed cream.

I grew out of that awkward stage, but still had the lingering fear of my eczema popping up again! I knew that beauty when viewed not how God intended is only “skin deep” but my skin was the problem! By the time I was 25 I had tried many products and spent a lot of money on temporary fixes! Even good products that were all natural and amazing still would not fix my problem! I was at a dead end and very low on funds. I was also in the middle of a transition, so what’s a gal to do but fast and pray?! It was in that place of brokenness that God met me and gave me a download. Ding ding ding OILS! Oils have been used for forever and like what is lotion anyways?! And so my journey began with Jesus to create something new.

So far, through research and experimenting I have come up with two products that I really love.They have worked wonders on my skin! An oil for body and for face make up my first line, the Absolute Collection. They both have cleared up my eczema without having to use any of my steroid creams. They both are made up of a base of 4 various oils selected to penetrate skin (and add all the yummy vitamins and fatty acids our skin loves) with added top of the line, essential oils (I use dōTERRA which is tested as certified therapeutic grade((which to me makes it the best you can use)) ). The body oil is a little bit thicker base, oils including almond & avocado and 10 essential oils, including frankincense and myrrh. This oil was my first creation, my baby, I absolutely love it !! It not only helps scars and stretch marks fade but helps promote circulation and soften skin!

So all of that to say I really hope you give the Absolute Collection by lala’s Essentials a try but if not, at least try something new that’s GOOD for your skin. You will get long lasting results because you will actually be changing the health of your skin, not just temporarily masking the problem. Love y’all! Stay beautiful!

If you would like more information about lala's essentials please reach out through

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About The Author

Lauren Bedola is a full time missionary at One Voice Student Missions in Pasadena, Ca. She has a passion for reaching people with the gospel, and empowering woman to walk in their natural beauty.

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